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Stevens and Williams/Royal Brierley sundae dish711 viewsEngraved with vine leaves and grapes. Cairngorm amber uranium04/13/15 at 14:35Buddy: its a wonderfull piece I wish I could find one som...
Cranberry and uranium leaf-foot "Audrey" 1477 viewsBritish04/13/12 at 19:48Sue: I can even forgive the stink-puff in this wee beau...
Leerdam Aurora Colopal bowl737 viewsDesigned by Andries Dirk Copier 193902/24/12 at 13:29Sue: Sigh..... oooops, dribble too!
Leerdam Aurora Colopal bowl718 viewsNo. 5109-13 Also made in transparent yellow02/24/12 at 13:28Sue: LUSSSSSSST!
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